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    Shout it loud, folks.

    There's not a whole lot I need to say right now other than to say, "Hi there," so I'll just go ahead and pull a copypasta from the About Me section. Check it:

    I'm Karl Castaneda and this is CROSS|TAWK.

    There are a lot of blogs and pocasts out there, and my goal with this website isn't to try and compete with them. If you're reading this, I appreciate it, and I hope you'll stick around. For myself, and for the people who I'll be collaberating with to make this website a success, the goal is simple: to create internet radio that we enjoy. If someone else happens to get a kick out of it along the way, well, that's pretty cool, too.

    You might be wondering about the name, so I'll go ahead and explain it. TAWK comes from a podcast I worked on with a few guys I was living with back in Tallahassee, Florida. We only released around 20 episodes, but I enjoyed that experience more than I can ever put into words. We called it TAWK-112, and it was a pretty good time.

    As for CROSS, well, most of the people who I'll be working with aren't right around the corner. We live all across America - some even further out than that. So we'll be crossing longitute and lattitude to get to each other and put together some great material. I also chose "cross," because we all have a habit of putting ourselves up on a goddamn cross when we get too passionate. So there you go. Hopefully the explanation wasn't too Web 2.0 and douchey.

    So hang around. Download a podcast, and if you'd like, read an article. I plan on having some fun, so I hope you will, too.

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