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    Syndicated: Episode 11 (Derek)

    Each Syndicated host has picked their first show (Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars, Fringe, and House of Cards) and so it's time for the first "bonus round" episode of Syndicated.  In these special episodes, we will open up the floor to a listener submission, or perhaps return to a previously covered show to look at later seasons.

    This time around, we welcome the host of Crosstawk's own Discover Music Project, and co-host of Box Office Poison, Jonathan Metts.  Jonny has brought the Netflix distributed, BBC-originated show "Derek" to the panel, and so we spend an hour talking about this lovely little piece of kindess.  Do we all love the show as much as Jonny?  Hard to say!

    I know we'd promised a follow-up to Friday Night Lights, and that's coming eventually.  It might be the next episode, or it might come a bit later.  The next show we're covering, aside from that FNL follow-up, is the NBC action-comedy "Chuck", so be sure to send in your listener mail questions and commentary, and we'll read them on the show!  

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